Medieval symbolism and necessity: Riga roosters

One of the symbols, often associated with Riga, especially its Old part, is a rooster. Anyone hanging around Old town and looking around and above will notice golden roosters on the tops of churches scattered through Old Riga. Rooster, a very old symbol of Riga with its decorative role nowadays, had a functional purpose before – since the 15th century it served also as a weather vane. Since Riga has always been a port city, its economic activity many centuries ago depended on the weather conditions, and the weather wanes were a tool for getting a weather forecast on a daily […]

Summer Tērbatas street

Summer is a great season for spending free time outside. During the pandemic Riga looks very different in the evening and at night. Empty streets, closed bars, the resonating sounds of steps… Expats in Riga magazine has made a short photo reportage from Tērbatas street, to unveil the way it looks like around midnight.

Happy winter holidays!

This year as each year December and the beginning of January are the Christmas markets time. Catholic Christmas is over, but there is some time left until New Year’s eve. Many people make presents exactly on the New Year’s eve, making warm wishes and passing gifts to family members and friends. For the sake of different confessions and customs the Christmas markets in Riga are still on. Expats in Riga magazine names just several of them, which are the largest ones. 1. Christmas market at Domina shopping centre. It works from 14th until 30th of December. The working hours usually […]

Marcus Ryan. An interview with a comedian.

ER: As far as I know this is your first visit to Riga. How did you know about it? MR: It’s as far east in Europe as I’ve ever travelled so I’m excited to be here for the first time. I’ve only ever met a few Latvians in my time. I had to Google where it was! Which is sad, because I’ve been to many parts of the world. HahaI was offered shows in Estonia and Finland, so I figured I’d be silly not to make a stop in Latvia. ER: Great! What is your show about? Is it based […]

Autumn activities

The summer is over according to the Gregorian calendar. That means that there won’t be many warm sunny days on the beach, swimming, volleyball, and other summer activities anymore. Maybe just a couple of Indian summer days. Expats in Riga opens a seasonal column about activities, which might become an alternative, at least a slight one — for those who are in love with the summer. Today Expats in Riga magazine presents a list of shopping centres working in Riga. This might be helpful for those who are new to the city and maybe are looking for some apparel or […]

How to shop quickly in IKEA Riga

1. Register on the website. 2. Get an Ikea Family loyalty card via the website and save it on your phone or print it out. 3. Find those products, which you are interested in, and save them as favourites on the website. If you do not have a smartphone, print out information about products, including a section “Location of the product”. 4. In the shop go through the 1st floor till the self-service department with products on the shelves. Before the exit take the cart. 5. Find your product using information about its location on the website. 6. Load […]

What kind of coffee do Rigans drink

Marija Kozharina, 2D & 3D graphic designer Drinks coffee with milk at home because it is tasty and coffee latte in Narvesen because it’s on the way over. G60z, Rigan Prefers black coffee, 3-4 times a day. Because it’s black. Laimonas, RiganHas partially switched from coffee to tea, but drinks coffee during the lunch, not regularly. Tries not to drink coffee after lunch. Usually chooses brewed coffee at home or coffee from Circle K. Arthur, Rigan Does not drink a lot of coffee, just about 15-20 cups per year, and if drinks then does it in the city. Never drinks […]

Latvia in figures: migration

According to information provided by Latvian statistical bureau the number of people who have migrated to Latvia in 2017 amounts to 9 916 people. That’s by 1 571 people more than in 2016. Among those who have moved to Latvia in 2017 for a long-term living are 4 841 from EU-28 countries – this segment constitutes the largest share of all long-term migrants represented in the table, namely 49%. They are followed by CIS country citizens, which are 3 388 people in total or 34%. Those coming from other countries are 1 687 people. According to the above-mentioned source the most active […]

An interview with Vladimir Avramenko, an artist

ER: How did you decide to become an artist?V.A.: I wouldn’t say that there has been a conscious decision to become an artist, rather a naïve notion that untainted creative outbursts of my mind might grant me a ticket into a more stable, fulfilling and less ordinary living. What I didn’t quite take into account is the fact that this borderline position of an artist has to be guarded, nurtured and justified on a daily basis. In other words, it is not too hard to decide to become an artist, it is much harder to hold on to this idea […]