Walks around Riga

“Medics to the world” This sculpture can be seen at Valdemara street, near Latvian Museum of Art and Latvian Art Academy. The idea of this piece of art is to reflect on the importance of medicine workers, who need support of the society not only in the difficult times during the pandemic, but also in everyday life so that the medical workers could take care of those who need this. If you live in the centre, which is very rich with the greenery, you would definitely enjoy slow strolls around its central districts. “Monkey Sam” In case you are fond […]

Going to invite someone to a date? Here is a list of friendly places!

The first date, probably the next husband “Parunāsim” positions itself as the most romantic place in the town. The name of the spot can be translated as “We will talk”. It is decorated in a way, which invites to discuss an interior endlessly. Even if you are complete strangers, you would definitely find something to talk about here. You can start from anywhere – it could be an old vintage film camera hanging inside the café or a tasty homemade pastry, a piano put in the middle of the space on the 1st floor or a cosy sign outside in […]

A short trip to the Riga gulf coast

Jūrmala – is the nearest and the most beautiful Riga gulf coast located in a half an hour journey by train, taxi bus, a bike (a bit longer) or a car from Riga. A wonderful white sand, a lot of sandspits, a broad coastal line with puddled sand strip, which makes bicycle driving along the sea pleasant and smooth, as well as a convenient planning of railway stations parallelly to the gulf coast, which makes walking unforgettable allowing to catch a train on the way home at any station afterwards. All these features characterise Jūrmala. Jūrmala is good in all seasons, […]

A Taxi in Riga

There are a lot of taxi operators, which work in Riga right now. And it is easy to get lost in the choice of taxi operators even for a local, not only for an expat. All official Riga taxi cars have yellow number board, which starts with TX or TQ letters. The Panda taxi has become quite popular in Riga. These cars can be easily identified by their brand colours – yellow, white, and black and a logo with panda on them. More prestigious and expensive are the BalticTAXI taxis, operated under the AirBaltic company. These is a lot of […]

Paying for parking

Riga city is divided into 6 municipal parking zones. The price varies according to the proximity to the Old Riga – the closer you are, the higher is the rate per hour. The paid parking hours are from 8:00 till 20:00 in the working days and from 10:00 till 17:00 on Saturday. On Sundays municipal parking is free. The signs for the municipal parking are the big “P” letter with working hours below the sign, which is located along the streets. There are several ways how one can pay for the city parking in Riga. First of all there are parking […]