Interview with Soren Holmberg, the expat in Riga

Bio:Søren Holmberg, 37, Incident Management Team Lead, ATEA Global ServicesEducated Marketing Economist and bachelor in International Corporate Communications.Lives in Riga with his son.Likes to cook, cycle, to attend cultural events, and to read books about management. ER: Where are you from?SH: I am from Odense Denmark. A city with around 250 000 inhabitants and most famously known for being the hometown of the fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen. ER: Is Latvia the first place you are living in like an expat?SH: No, I have also lived a year in London, and partially in Tallin when my son’s mum worked there […]

Riding a bike: life hacks!

Expats in Riga magazine explores the city with the bike. Here are the tips on how to get home if you have managed to drive too far from it! Living in the centre opposite to living in Riga outskirts have pros and cons like a traffic outside versus a need to use public transportation to get to the city centre. Of course, you can prefer a bicycle as an alternative, especially in the warm season. But what if you get tired or are even exhausted after a long ride, say to Jūrmala and back? There are good news! You can […]

Basic rules for a picnic – do’s and dont’s in Riga parks

Summer is a great time for getting together outside. There are many options for open-air activities in Riga, including festivals, sunbathing, swimming, jogging, going for others kinds of sport activities. Besides that, it is possible to spend time on the grass in the nice green areas of Riga parks, which take a significant part of the city centre and might be a nice shelter in a hot day or even become a good place for an easy picnic. It is allowed now to sit on the grass in Riga parks except places, which are marked with prohibition signs and green […]

Open air cinema

Riga is famous with the summer open-air events, like music festivals, designer and food markets, and even an open-air cinema. And that’s just great, because what might be better than a good movie watched on the big screen under the sky? Such cinema is located in Kalnciema kvartāls, in Pārdaugava. It works as a separate event, which is usually organised on Fridays. The list of movies is available in the events section of Kino laiks on Facebook, while the tickets it is possible to buy online, in advance. The repertoire mainly consists of the classics and is shown in the […]

Riga Night Market

There are not many night grocery stores in Riga, where it is possible to buy some food. But there is a night market in Riga, where vegetables and fruits are sold all night long. The farmer’s market is located on the territory of Riga Central Market, on Gaiziņa and Spīķeru Streets. The market is open every day, from 17:00 to 8:00. The produce is sold here in big quantities, however, from 17:00 to 22:00 it also operates as a retail business and everyone can buy the food here in small quantities.

Official swimming places in Riga

The official swimming season in Latvia starts on the 15th of May and ends on the 15th of September. According to the information provided at the Riga City Council webpage, there are official swimming places located around Riga, where the quality of water is controlled by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia. The map represents the official swimming places in Latvia and in Riga in particular, while via this link you can see the monthly reports on the quality of the water in these places. Information is available only in Latvian.

Sharing the expat’s experience – an interview with Benjamin G.

ER: Where are you from? B.G.: South East London, the UK. ER: Since when have you been living in Riga? B.G. I’ve been living in Riga for 1,5 years. ER: How did you know about Riga for the first time? B.G.: I first heard about Riga in the late 90s, as it was popular on the UK stag party eurotrash scene and we were building a negative reputation as Brits with our hard party antics. But I didn’t make it to Latvia until about 4 years ago, when I came here for my first time for a casual touristic visit. […]

Summer festivals 2018

The summer days in Latvia spark with many significant music events, which have already become a tradition. Local open-air festivals, which have conquered their the must-visit positions among various audiences happen everywhere around Latvia. Expats in Riga has made its brand-new top-3 of 2018 events. 1. Komēta festival One of the newest initiatives, which will take place on July 27-29 in Bolderaja (outskirt of Riga) for the third time already is social and cultural festival Komēta. On their official webpage ( is said that it is a unique three day experience for the festival participants, which invites for creativity, choice, […]

Driving a car registered abroad on Latvian roads

Starting from 01.01.2017 there have been made amendments to the Road Traffic Law and Vehicle Operating Tax And Company Car Tax Law. These concern drivers who have declared their place of residence in Latvia and drive a car registered abroad on the territory of Latvia, including the following: 1. permits issued by RTSD allowing to use the foreign registered cars are ceased; 2. the tax for M1* and N1** category vehicles registered abroad and operated by persons who have declared their place of residence in Latvia comes into force. Therefore, from January 1st, 2017, a vehicle (M1* or N1** category) […]

Sushi or a burger late at night!

It might really be the case, when the plane or a bus arrive late at night to Riga airport or to the bus station and there is a real need for some night food in town. Where to get a proper sandwich? How not to get lost on long streets of Riga? To be honest, there are not that many restaurants and bars, which work late at night. Here are just the two of them, where it is possible to get some food for sure. One is the sushi bar in Casino Olympic (…/olympic-voodoo-casino_n120…), which is open 24/7. The second […]