Phone call on request

We can carry out the phone call to Latvian governmental organisations on your behalf. This service is provided by the Expats in Riga magazine and Expats in Riga group on Facebook.

The service we offer works the following way. You make a request regarding the question you would like to ask and name the organisation, which you would like us to contact on your behalf. After the phone call we provide you with the answer, which we receive from the authority, in English. This service is provided for a fee, which is payed based on the invoice we send to you.

Please, note that we do not carry out calls regarding the accounting issues to the State Revenue Service since we expect a professional accountant to do this on your behalf.

However, we also provide written translation services from Latvian to English and Russian for the information available on the official websites of various state authorities.

In order to use our services, please, contact us using the contact form, e-mail, or a chat window in the bottom right corner. We will respond as soon as we can.

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