Marcus Ryan. An interview with a comedian.

ER: As far as I know this is your first visit to Riga. How did you know about it? MR: It’s as far east in Europe as I’ve ever travelled so I’m excited to be here for the first time. I’ve only ever met a few Latvians in my time. I had to Google where it was! Which is sad, because I’ve been to many parts of the world. HahaI was offered shows in Estonia and Finland, so I figured I’d be silly not to make a stop in Latvia. ER: Great! What is your show about? Is it based […]

Freelance and coworking in Riga

The choice of cafés and open offices in Riga, which are suitable for work Besides freelance, which has become popular in Riga, as everywhere in the world, more recently, even newer tendency in the field of work and working space organisation is coworking. Coworking literally means working together. It differs from freelance, which does not obligatory assume that a freelancer has a special working place. Coworking is based on interaction of people, who independently work on own projects in a shared space. This allows to decrease the marketing and rental expenses due to larger amount of tenants and their cooperation. […]

Going to invite someone to a date? Here is a list of friendly places!

The first date, probably the next husband “Parunāsim” positions itself as the most romantic place in the town. The name of the spot can be translated as “We will talk”. It is decorated in a way, which invites to discuss an interior endlessly. Even if you are complete strangers, you would definitely find something to talk about here. You can start from anywhere – it could be an old vintage film camera hanging inside the café or a tasty homemade pastry, a piano put in the middle of the space on the 1st floor or a cosy sign outside in […]

Cinema season

Autumn in Riga is always full of interesting events. Festivals, festivals, and festivals – music, cinema, theater. One of them is already running, but there is still an opportunity to get some tickets. Expats in Riga suggests paying an attention to the screenings of the Baltic Pearl movie festival, which takes place from September 19th till September 25th at Splendid Palace cinema. Some movies are shown in English with a synchronized translation into the headphones. Check the schedule! There are a lot of movies worth visiting.

Some spots that your children would be happy to visit

1. Centra sporta kvartāls (Central sports quarter) on Kr. Barona street 116a (between Kr. Barona, A.Čaka, Tallinas, and Ērgļu streets). 7 000 square meters of openair attractions for kids of different ages, including a playground for kids, bike path, basketball field, ping pong tables etc. Opening hours: November 1st — March 31st: 16:00-22:00 (on working days), 8:00-20:00 (on weekends and public holidays); April 1st — October 31st: 16:00-22:00 (on working days), 8:00-22:00 (on weekends and public holidays). 2. Playground for kids in Esplanāde park near Art Academy of Latvia. In case you feel like going out is a good idea. […]

Think global, buy local

In Latvia as in many other EU countries a significant attention is paid to the local designers’ scene. Local arts and crafts are promoted in a form of separate events and spots that allow a local designer community to develop. Expats in Riga magazine has prepared a selection of various events and places worth to be visited. Rīgas dizaina tirgus is a regularly organised event aimed at promotion of local designers. It happens in different places and each time features different and returning participants. The selection of brands represented varies from artists working with leather and kid wear producers to […]

A short trip to the Riga gulf coast

Jūrmala – is the nearest and the most beautiful Riga gulf coast located in a half an hour journey by train, taxi bus, a bike (a bit longer) or a car from Riga. A wonderful white sand, a lot of sandspits, a broad coastal line with puddled sand strip, which makes bicycle driving along the sea pleasant and smooth, as well as a convenient planning of railway stations parallelly to the gulf coast, which makes walking unforgettable allowing to catch a train on the way home at any station afterwards. All these features characterise Jūrmala. Jūrmala is good in all seasons, […]

Live online English classes for children

Are you looking for high quality English lessons for your child?Do you value convenience and flexibility of lesson times?Is a REAL English teacher important to you? Our online school delivers experienced British teachers, who are all native English speakers, into the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world. We teach children from    5-14 and we can cater for native English speakers or those learning English as a second language. The Phonics School has courses for all ability levels.   All of our programmes are aligned with the UK curriculum and created by Pearson, a world leader in […]


Riga as many other European cities has a tradition of events organisation with participation of DJs. In each particular bar such days are chosen individually, however, the most popular days are Friday and Saturday. Sometimes parties also take place on Thursday, Sunday or even Wednesday. Everything depends on the season and organiser’s policy. A musical style differs from place to place too. It is also influenced by a DJ’ s taste who plays music. It is possible to get to techno, reggae, or house parties in Riga. Those who like other music styles will most probably be able to listen […]