Anastasia Sysoeva (Starodedova). Artist, poet

Expats in Riga has made an interview with Anastasia Sysoeva about her passion for drawing. ER: Anastasia, please, tell, when did you start to be interested in art? I suppose that it started approximately at times when you had been studying at Pushkin lyceum, during last years of school. Or did it happen earlier?АS: I think that I have been drawing always, as all kids are doing this. But yes, a more conscious occupation with drawing has overlapped my admission to the lyceum, maybe at 8th form. At lyceum a couple of my exhibitions was even organised in the school […]

An interview with Vladimir Avramenko, an artist

ER: How did you decide to become an artist?V.A.: I wouldn’t say that there has been a conscious decision to become an artist, rather a naïve notion that untainted creative outbursts of my mind might grant me a ticket into a more stable, fulfilling and less ordinary living. What I didn’t quite take into account is the fact that this borderline position of an artist has to be guarded, nurtured and justified on a daily basis. In other words, it is not too hard to decide to become an artist, it is much harder to hold on to this idea […]

An interview with Julia Kozlovska, a vegan cook

ER: Expats in Riga decided to talk to you because you are a vegan cook, and this is popular now. Could you, please, tell why you have decided to work in this sphere and why vegan nutrition is so widespread nowadays? JK: The vegan culinary interested me long before I have decided to change my career and become a cook. It always seemed to me that a diet of a modern citizen lacks vegetables, and I felt that I would like to make vegetable dishes as tasty as possible. I have studied various ways how to use vegetable products in […]