What kind of coffee do Rigans drink

Marija Kozharina, 2D & 3D graphic designer Drinks coffee with milk at home because it is tasty and coffee latte in Narvesen because it’s on the way over. G60z, Rigan Prefers black coffee, 3-4 times a day. Because it’s black. Laimonas, RiganHas partially switched from coffee to tea, but drinks coffee during the lunch, not regularly. Tries not to drink coffee after lunch. Usually chooses brewed coffee at home or coffee from Circle K. Arthur, Rigan Does not drink a lot of coffee, just about 15-20 cups per year, and if drinks then does it in the city. Never drinks […]

An interview with Uri Bernad, a photographer

ER: Where are you from? UB: I am a Catalan expat from Barcelona, moved to Latvia about a year ago. ER: What is your profession? What do you do for living as an expat? UB: I am a freelance photographer and tour guide in Riga, where I opened my photography business – Uri Foto, specialised in weddings, musical & corporate events. I also offer guided “photo shooting tours” in Rīga and Cēsis, combining history and portrait photography. ER: What was your previous experience? UB: I studied Media & Film in Prague, graduating in Contemporary Philosophy some years later in Barcelona. […]

Interview with Soren Holmberg, the expat in Riga

Bio:Søren Holmberg, 37, Incident Management Team Lead, ATEA Global ServicesEducated Marketing Economist and bachelor in International Corporate Communications.Lives in Riga with his son.Likes to cook, cycle, to attend cultural events, and to read books about management. ER: Where are you from?SH: I am from Odense Denmark. A city with around 250 000 inhabitants and most famously known for being the hometown of the fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen. ER: Is Latvia the first place you are living in like an expat?SH: No, I have also lived a year in London, and partially in Tallin when my son’s mum worked there […]

Sharing the expat’s experience – an interview with Benjamin G.

ER: Where are you from? B.G.: South East London, the UK. ER: Since when have you been living in Riga? B.G. I’ve been living in Riga for 1,5 years. ER: How did you know about Riga for the first time? B.G.: I first heard about Riga in the late 90s, as it was popular on the UK stag party eurotrash scene and we were building a negative reputation as Brits with our hard party antics. But I didn’t make it to Latvia until about 4 years ago, when I came here for my first time for a casual touristic visit. […]