Roofs of Riga – sightseeing spots

Expats in Riga would like to share some places, which have fabulous views over the city. First of all, it is the St. Peters church’s sightseeing tower, which is located at the height of 72 meters. It offers fabulous city views from the heart of the Old town. Address: Reformācijas Laukums 1, Riga. There is also Riga Skyline bar, which is a place on the top of the Radisson Blu Hotel. It has a wide variety of cocktails in its menu and it is good for sipping drinks with a view over the city, which opens from the 26th floor […]

Green light streets in Riga

Riga has quite a straight planning of streets. The roads cross in the centre at right angles and there are a lot of parallel streets therefore. The automobile traffic is not very intense but might be busy in the beginning and at the end of the working hours. Usually there might be not very big traffic jams between 17:00 and 18:30 on the working days. There are some tips for those who feel familiar enough with the city to drive a car without a navigation regarding the green light streets in Riga. In Riga the traffic is planned in a […]

Freelance and coworking in Riga

The choice of cafés and open offices in Riga, which are suitable for work Besides freelance, which has become popular in Riga, as everywhere in the world, more recently, even newer tendency in the field of work and working space organisation is coworking. Coworking literally means working together. It differs from freelance, which does not obligatory assume that a freelancer has a special working place. Coworking is based on interaction of people, who independently work on own projects in a shared space. This allows to decrease the marketing and rental expenses due to larger amount of tenants and their cooperation. […]

How to shop quickly in IKEA Riga

1. Register on the website. 2. Get an Ikea Family loyalty card via the website and save it on your phone or print it out. 3. Find those products, which you are interested in, and save them as favourites on the website. If you do not have a smartphone, print out information about products, including a section “Location of the product”. 4. In the shop go through the 1st floor till the self-service department with products on the shelves. Before the exit take the cart. 5. Find your product using information about its location on the website. 6. Load […]

Going for a Christmas tree to the Latvian forest

Expats in Riga magazine decided to figure out how to get a Christmas tree for free in Latvia. Each year, in December, AS Latvijas meži decides whether to allow households to cut Christmas trees in the forest or not. If the enterprise states that during this period of time citizens have made a damage to the forest, this practice is ceased. However, this year, as the year before, it was again settled upon to allow cutting the Christmas trees in the forests of AS Latvijas meži. It is legitimate to cut a Christmas tree only on the territory of Latvijas […]

Riding a bike: life hacks!

Expats in Riga magazine explores the city with the bike. Here are the tips on how to get home if you have managed to drive too far from it! Living in the centre opposite to living in Riga outskirts have pros and cons like a traffic outside versus a need to use public transportation to get to the city centre. Of course, you can prefer a bicycle as an alternative, especially in the warm season. But what if you get tired or are even exhausted after a long ride, say to Jūrmala and back? There are good news! You can […]

Sushi or a burger late at night!

It might really be the case, when the plane or a bus arrive late at night to Riga airport or to the bus station and there is a real need for some night food in town. Where to get a proper sandwich? How not to get lost on long streets of Riga? To be honest, there are not that many restaurants and bars, which work late at night. Here are just the two of them, where it is possible to get some food for sure. One is the sushi bar in Casino Olympic (…/olympic-voodoo-casino_n120…), which is open 24/7. The second […]