Think global, buy local

In Latvia as in many other EU countries a significant attention is paid to the local designers’ scene. Local arts and crafts are promoted in a form of separate events and spots that allow a local designer community to develop. Expats in Riga magazine has prepared a selection of various events and places worth to be visited. Rīgas dizaina tirgus is a regularly organised event aimed at promotion of local designers. It happens in different places and each time features different and returning participants. The selection of brands represented varies from artists working with leather and kid wear producers to […]

The craft of beer. Some spots in Riga

Making a business out of crafts can be regarded as a trend in the 2010s, which has conquered an attention of many via such channels as Instagram and Facebook. Silk-printed t-shirts, cotton bags with handmade embroidery, porcelain kitchenware, painted pottery made in a small studio, and many other things, like jewellery, bed linen, or an apparel have become a part of everyone’s life, stepping hand in hand with other trends like upcycling or a fair trade – parts of a sustainable living concept. which has become a bold concept, covering many aspects of everyday life. But who could have imagined […]