Tea-rooms in Riga

Tea drinking is very popular in Riga. Visiting friends or sitting in a café might turn into the tea ceremony, let it be Chinese, Japanese, Latvian, or Russian. Riga centre is full of various restaurants, bars, bistro, among them there are also the tea houses and tea rooms. Not to speculate in favour of some of them, here are most probably all of them, which might be found depending on the preferred location. First of all, there is an ex-Apsara tea house in Riga centre – Tabu, which is located in Vērmanes dārzs park. You can find the address information […]

Artisanal Riga

Visiting Latvia as an expat and staying for longer than just a couple of days as a tourist allows to better understand Latvian culture, traditions, and mentality. An intense work, however, does not always give an opportunity to spend endless hours on studying these. Expats in Riga project has prepared this short article about Latvian artisanal industry in order to tell about its uniqueness and value as well as to suggest considering the pieces of artisanal art as great presents for family members, relatives, or friends, left in a home country. Those who have already visited Old Riga, might have […]

Christmas and New Year markets

Expats in Riga magazine decided to explore Christmas and New Year market spots around Riga. Here what we have come up with! Selling and buying things at the pop-up markets has become popular among people living in Riga. Despite the fact that usually pop-up markets offer their visitors seasonal products, like Christmas souvenirs or farmers’ food, their tradition goes far beyond it, focusing on a wide choice of designer and artisanal accessories and apparel, bed linen, kitchenware, interior decoration objects and so on. A time before and during Christmas and New Year holidays usually is especially rich with such events, […]