History hunters. A review on flea markets in Riga.

Flea market is a place where it is possible to exchange money for an item with a history. Among many simple and sophisticated, antique and vintage items one can find there a piece for oneself. The sellers know their products well and stand near them like the conjuring magicians who send you a message – do not pass by, just look. And it is true that it is possible here to immerse yourself into the world of strangers’ stories, where one of them will seem to be in tune with yours – you only just need to take a closer […]

A contemporary circus and street art festival “RE RIGA”

Each year, in August, in Riga takes place an international contemporary circus and street art festival “Re Riga!”. As part of the festival, during five years of its existence, more than 80 artists from 20 countries gathering more than 50 000 visitors have been brought to Latvia. The exclamation ‘Re!’ comes from the Latvian language meaning ‘Hey, look at that!’ or ‘Look, look!’. The events of the festival take place in various locations around Riga. In the year 2014 RE RIGA! was included in the official program of Riga – the European Capital of Culture. This year “Re Riga!” will […]

Riga City Festival at Central Market

A special event as part of Riga City Festival will happen on 18th of August, from 11:00 till 16:00 at Riga Central Market Nēģu square. There will be organized various creative workshops dedicated to the creation of textile, like shopping bags, and to painting jars for the conservation of products. There will also be musicians creating a special atmosphere of the event. It will be possible to hear an accordionist Arkady Zimov, to enjoy the performance of Daiga Petkevich and Normund Jakushonok duo. The Grillers Brotherhood will allow the visitors to see the competition between BBQ teams. There will also […]