Intellectual table-top games for enterprises and informal events

Smart Games Club is Latvian company, which focuses on the development of intellectual table-top games, mainly with the focus on corporate culture improvement and rally the team in the companies. The games produced by the Smart Games Club are of educational character. The games are invented by the people with a tremendous experience in building and leading various businesses. Very often the company’s employees get tired of classical educational courses, lectures, and trainings, what leads to the diminishing in the educational effectiveness and wastes such kind of an investment in personnel. The game on the other hand is a wonderful […]

Live online English classes for children

Are you looking for high quality English lessons for your child?Do you value convenience and flexibility of lesson times?Is a REAL English teacher important to you? Our online school delivers experienced British teachers, who are all native English speakers, into the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world. We teach children from    5-14 and we can cater for native English speakers or those learning English as a second language. The Phonics School has courses for all ability levels.   All of our programmes are aligned with the UK curriculum and created by Pearson, a world leader in […]