1 Euro deal

Some time ago it was popular to open shops in Riga, where you could buy different products for a small price, for example, 1 euro. These shops were closed, but the topic what can one buy in Riga for 1 euro is worth exploring in the situation of price increase on many products and services. Expats in Riga decided to make a small market research and present the findings in this article, covering various products categories, from food to household products. So if have 1 euro in your pocket, according to the survey of supply in Riga shops, you can […]

Going to invite someone to a date? Here is a list of friendly places!

The first date, probably the next husband “Parunāsim” positions itself as the most romantic place in the town. The name of the spot can be translated as “We will talk”. It is decorated in a way, which invites to discuss an interior endlessly. Even if you are complete strangers, you would definitely find something to talk about here. You can start from anywhere – it could be an old vintage film camera hanging inside the café or a tasty homemade pastry, a piano put in the middle of the space on the 1st floor or a cosy sign outside in […]

Some spots that your children would be happy to visit

1. Centra sporta kvartāls (Central sports quarter) on Kr. Barona street 116a (between Kr. Barona, A.Čaka, Tallinas, and Ērgļu streets). 7 000 square meters of openair attractions for kids of different ages, including a playground for kids, bike path, basketball field, ping pong tables etc. Opening hours: November 1st — March 31st: 16:00-20:00 (on weekends, public holidays, and school holidays); April 1st — October 31st: 16:00-22:00 (on working days), 7:00-22:00 (on weekends, public holidays, and school holidays). 2. Playground for kids in Esplanāde park near Art Academy of Latvia. In case you feel like going out is a good idea. […]

Think global, buy local

In Latvia as in many other EU countries a significant attention is paid to the local designers’ scene. Local arts and crafts are promoted in a form of separate events and spots that allow a local designer community to develop. Expats in Riga magazine has prepared a selection of various events and places worth to be visited. Rīgas dizaina tirgus is a regularly organised event aimed at promotion of local designers. It happens in different places and each time features different and returning participants. The selection of brands represented varies from artists working with leather and kid wear producers to […]

History hunters. A review on flea markets in Riga.

Flea market is a place where it is possible to exchange money for an item with a history. Among many simple and sophisticated, antique and vintage items one can find there a piece for oneself. The sellers know their products well and stand near them like the conjuring magicians who send you a message – do not pass by, just look. And it is true that it is possible here to immerse yourself into the world of strangers’ stories, where one of them will seem to be in tune with yours – you only just need to take a closer […]

Riding a bike: life hacks!

Expats in Riga magazine explores the city with the bike. Here are the tips on how to get home if you have managed to drive too far from it! Living in the centre opposite to living in Riga outskirts have pros and cons like a traffic outside versus a need to use public transportation to get to the city centre. Of course, you can prefer a bicycle as an alternative, especially in the warm season. But what if you get tired or are even exhausted after a long ride, say to Jūrmala and back? There are good news! You can […]

Basic rules for a picnic – do’s and dont’s in Riga parks

Summer is a great time for getting together outside. There are many options for open-air activities in Riga, including festivals, sunbathing, swimming, jogging, going for others kinds of sport activities. Besides that, it is possible to spend time on the grass in the nice green areas of Riga parks, which take a significant part of the city centre and might be a nice shelter in a hot day or even become a good place for an easy picnic. It is allowed now to sit on the grass in Riga parks except places, which are marked with prohibition signs and green […]

Riga Night Market

There are not many night grocery stores in Riga, where it is possible to buy some food. But there is a night market in Riga, where vegetables and fruits are sold all night long. The farmer’s market is located on the territory of Riga Central Market, on Gaiziņa and Spīķeru Streets. The market is open every day, from 17:00 to 8:00. The produce is sold here in big quantities, however, from 17:00 to 22:00 it also operates as a retail business and everyone can buy the food here in small quantities.

A Taxi in Riga

There are a lot of taxi operators, which work in Riga right now. And it is easy to get lost in the choice of taxi operators even for a local, not only for an expat. All official Riga taxi cars have yellow number board, which starts with TX or TQ letters. The Panda taxi has become quite popular in Riga. These cars can be easily identified by their brand colours – yellow, white, and black and a logo with panda on them. More prestigious and expensive are the BalticTAXI taxis, operated under the AirBaltic company. These is a lot of […]