Interview with Bogdan Taran, Riga DJ and electronic musician

We publish a shortened translation of an exclusive interview with Bogdan Taran from April, 2015, initially published in Interview, photo: Anna Gabo Bogdan Taran, a renowned Riga DJ, came to Double Coffee by bicycle despite a still cool weather. A free fashion style posed that he is a person, who is a DJ and an author of popular tracks, as well as a professional working in the field of electronic dance music. Among his achievements in addition to the first place in the top of Latvian DJs, which he hold for several years, is own record label Amber Muse […]

Venue review. Laska V21

Laska V21 is a venue, where the most prominent electronic (but not only) music events happen in Riga. With a very contemporary interior, it hosts parties every weekend, serving a selection of cocktails, beers, wine, and soft drinks. The spot has a summer terrace and a secluded yard with novus with and music playing outside in warm evenings. The space has two halls, one is shared with the bar, while the other is destined exclusively for performances and dancing. With local and foreign artists, performing on the stage, it is getting very hot on the dance floor very often. If […]

Tea-rooms in Riga

Tea drinking is very popular in Riga. Visiting friends or sitting in a café might turn into the tea ceremony, let it be Chinese, Japanese, Latvian, or Russian. Riga centre is full of various restaurants, bars, bistro, among them there are also the tea houses and tea rooms. Not to speculate in favour of some of them, here are most probably all of them, which might be found depending on the preferred location. First of all, there is an ex-Apsara tea house in Riga centre – Tabu, which is located in Vērmanes dārzs park. You can find the address information […]

Back to bars

The pandemic is over, while no one knows what is next though. Nevertheless Riga spots were revitalised a bit by a flow of people and have opened their doors to the visitors. Some time ago Expats in Riga wrote about places, where it is possible to listen to the music, grab a drink, and meet nice people. Here is a new version of the article, where we would like to remind you about the venues, which you might be missing during the lockdown. 1. Aleponija. It is a place on Birznieka Upisa street. A bit dark place, with an interior […]

Flower power 2022

Riga is a very beautiful city full of greenery in the spring and summer time. The winter is almost over but there is not that many greenery around in the streets yet. Expats in Riga magazine introduces some places, where the plant lovers could enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants or study more about plants. Botanical garden with a winter conservatory full of beautiful plants is a cosy place to visit with the family or friends even in the late winter. If you live in the centre, there is one more hidden conservatory on Rūpniecības 21, in the building […]

MicroFindings – Ezītis Miglā in Purvciems

Expats in Riga starts a new column called MicroFindings. Since Riga is not only the city centre, but also its various districts, which are also called microdistricts, Expats in Riga decided to explore various blocks in these areas of Riga, such as Purvciems, Imanta, Ziepniekkalns, and others, in order to find interesting spots, which add a city trace to the suburbs and are worth visitings in case you are not heading to the city centre one day. Today’s finding is a bar Ezītis miglā (“A hedhehog in fog”, if translated from Latvian to English) located in a living massive of […]

A free second-hand

FreeRiga is not only a name of a n entire movement, but also a reality. A new initiative Brīvbode (“A free store”) is clothes and utensils exchange point. So far there are two of these located in two parts of Riga, namely at Turgeņeva street, 13, and in Ciekurkalns district, at Viskaļu street, 36. It is possible to bring good quality things there, which are not needed to the donators as well as to take something from the assortment, formed by others absolutely for free. An initiative is aimed at social layers, which experience financial difficulties. People can come to […]

Meeting spots in Riga

There is nothing more romantic and adventurous than a correct choice of a meeting spot for a friendly meet-up or a date. There are a lot of place in Riga, which deserve an attention. Expats in Riga has chosen three of them just for the case you feel lost regarding the choice. 1. A traditional place, where many Rigans meet regardless their age is Laima clock – a street clock situated on the square near the Monument of Liberty, just across the street, in front of Hotel de Rome and McDonald’s. The clock bears an identity of Laima confectionery factory. […]